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AVCASA e-learning courses:


Pre-requisites for enrollment

It is expected of the learner attempting these unit standards to demonstrate competence with regards to:

Basic Skills

·         Reading and Writing of technical notes

·        Basic Arithmetic Skills (Calculation for calibrations of spray equipment; Calculating dilutions ratios for spray solutions of Agro-chemical remedies)

·         Basic Computer Skills

·            MS Word

·            Working with pdf documents

·            Internet

Navigation of AVCASA-Moodle; Downloading and uploading of documents; Access to Agro-chemical websites; Research.

(Please note – Learner Guides are provided for these activities.)

·            Printing documents 

·            Scanning documents

·            E-mailing (Receiving and sending messages)


Equipment and Software Requirements

This e-learning course and all notes; quizzes; activities and communication are done via the internet.

Reasonable access to the equipment listed below will be required. Please note that the study material provided on the internet may be down loaded onto your own PC and be printed for use of the learner only.

·         Internet access

·         Personal Computer (Windows based)

·         Printer

·         Scanner

·         MS Word

·         MS Outlook

·         A unique e-mail address (not shared with someone else) 


Course Fees, Cancellation, ‘Roll Over’ and  Substitution

A non-refundable registration fee of R 1500 must be paid for the start of the course. The course fees must be paid fully  1 month after commencing (10 June 2017).

Cancellation of the course will be accepted up to 1 month after the commencing date of the course. Thereafter the learner will be held responsible for the full course fees.

Failure to comply with the above may result in necessary steps against the learner in order to recover outstanding fees.

No ‘roll over’ from one year to the next will be accepted.

No substitution of one learner for another will be accepted after the commencing of the course.

Communication between learner and facilitator

As this is an e-learning course – all communication between learner and facilitator is done via e-mail.


A strategy of continued competency assessment has been adopted, in alignment with the requirements of the SAQA training standards.

The learner is assessed during the course (formative assessment)  and on completion of the course, a summative assessment (final exam) will take place.

The summative assessment is completed through the internet in Moodle.  A learner needs to achieve a minimum of 50% in EVERY exam paper to complete the course.


Admission to write examination

Prerequisite for exam admission:

·       All activities are uploaded and a minimum of 50% is obtained for EVERY Activity.

·       Full payment of course fees has been made.


The deadline for the upload of material will be provided.  Results will be e-mailed to learners indicating whether the learner is “Competent” or  “Not yet Competent”.

If a learner achieved competency on all the activities, he/she will be activated on the exam website. Else, the learner has one week to fix the short falls in the activities and to re-load.

If the result is still “Not yet Competent” - the learner will have to enrol for the course again and the full cost of the course will be payable.